Protein shakes

Why To Use Protein Shakes

As you probably know that protein is one of the most important muscle building blocks. So it is quite clear that if you want to build muscles then you need to have enough protein in your diet. This is the part where protein shakes come in. Not every meal consists enough protein. In fact majority of meals have less or none protein compared to other nutrition's. So if you are not up to making all your daily meals by yourself, then you should consider taking in some sort of protein shakes to get your daily doze of protein.

How Much Protein Is Enough

General rule is that you should try to eat at least one gram of protein per one pound of your total body weight. Gaining all the protein from special protein shakes is not so good idea. You should rather try to get as much protein as possible from regular food. Protein shakes are good to go when you have no time nor opportunity to make yourself a protein rich meal or for cases like immediately after workout when eating regular meal is not the option at all. Yet it is quite important to give your body decent amount of protein just after workout. It helps rebuild and repair your muscles.


In my opinion regular food that came from nature is the best source for nutrition's. Yet, considering the fact that everyone has not enough time to cook four or five decent meal for themselves then the good alternative is to drink protein shakes. But you must remember that protein shakes will never be the best substitute for nutrition's from real food. Date: 06.14.2010 16:27:20 Categories: protein shakes, bodybuilding, nutritions, workout Tags: protein shakes, protein, workout, nutritions, meal, muscle