Protein shakes

Why should I drink protein shakes?

As you may already know protein shakes are drinks (shakes, smoothies, milkshakes) made from protein powder mixed with quite wide range of liquid substance in order to give it a better flavor. These shakes are usually drank before or after a physical workout in order to help your body to cope with micro damage during weight lifting and improves the muscle building process as protein is the number one building block form muscle tissue of your body.

Should I drink protein shakes at all?

Well there is no one true answer for that. Drinking protein shakes are considered to help you gain muscle mass. Many professional athletes are using it and they say that it helps a lot to gain muscle mass. Nevertheless there is no bullet proof evidence how our bodies assimilate protein from highly processed powder. At the same time no extreme side effects from consuming protein drink mix have been documented so far. My personal opinion is that you should try to get all of the proteins from natural sources first and if you are not happy with the result you can experiment with drinking protein shakes. If you notice a real improvement by adding protein drinks to your diet and feel ok during the consuming period then feel free to continue drinking protein shakes. Keep in mind to drink the shakes at moderate levels. Consult with a specialist or doctor if you notice any side effects from protein drinks at all.

Can kids drink protein shakes?

Well there is no special reason why kids should not drink protein shakes. There are no special protein drinks for kids on the market so the only option for kids is to consume protein powders meant for grown ups. My personal opinion is that kids do not need to drink extra proteins. Child organism is still developing and should not get so much extra protein from the shakes. Also American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages the usage of performance-enhancing substances for kids. I personally would not allow my kids to drink protein mixes. If they are grown up then they can decide themselves if they need protein drinks or not.

Are protein drinks for women harmful?

As I mentioned before concerning kids there is no special reason to consider protein shakes for women harmful. Even some special protein drink mixes are available for women. Again, the decision is up to you to drink protein shakes or not. I would recommend natural protein sources first and then the artificial sources if there is a real need for them.

What is the best time to drink protein shake?

To be honest I think there is not much difference when to drink a protein shake. Exercising is the most important process of building muscles. Protein drinks may help you gain mass faster but you can't do that without exercise for sure. Some sources claim that you should drink your protein shake mix before the training as extra protein is needed during the training not only after the exercise to help recover. It sounds quite logical to me.

Conclusion of drinking protein shakes

To sum up it can be said that drinking protein shakes are probably not harmful for men, women and kids. Although I would recommend to eat as much protein as possible from natural sources. This way you can be sure that your health is not at risk at all.

You can read more about protein powders here. Here you will find a list of good good protein powders to buy at great prices. Feel free to send us questions or article request on similar topics. All the best building your muscles and stay healthy.

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