Protein shakes

What is protein bar and is it healthy?

You have probably heard of protein bars or seen some people eating protein bars before or after the training in the gym. If you wonder what these bars actually are then you have come to a right place. Protein bar is basically a food bar containing a lot of proteins. It is somewhat similar to protein shake as they both serve the same purpose - provide your body with a lot of protein.

Why eat protein bars?

The answer is simple. It is comfortable, easy and takes less time. Usually you can get the proteins needed for your body from regular meals rich in proteins. These meals take some time to prepare and you need a kitchen for that. Also protein shakes needs to be prepared before drinking them. Protein bars, on the other hand, need no time to prepare. You only need to buy one and eat it before or after the exercise. So protein bars are very easy to use common days. It is generally accepted that eating protein bars helps to improve muscle building and speeds up muscle recovery after the workout.

What to consider while choosing protein bar?

The most important thing to consider is of course the contents of the bar. Some protein bars have a lot of carbohydrates in it. Experts declare that high levels of sugars are not so good for your body. You should better get the sugars from fruits as they are better for improving athletic performance.

Types of protein bars available

There are many different protein bars available on the market. For vegans special vegan protein bars are made. They contain proteins only from non-animal sources. I tend to prefer organic protein bars as I believe organic nutritions to be healthier compared to other sources. Organic food bar protein nutrition level is also the highest. Another option is to eat homemade protein bars. This way you can be certain about the consistence of a protein bar.

I give you one healthy homemade protein bar recipe which I named "Brown snack".

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