Protein shakes

Protein shakes as a meal replacement for weight loss

A lot of readers have asked about using protein shakes for meal replacement in order to stay fit or lose weight so I decided to give our readers some insights on the topic.

Can a protein shake be a meal replacement?

As you may already know our bodies need different types of nutritions for everyday functioning. These nutritions can be found in different foods. Different food groups contain different nutritions. In my opinion we should eat a variety of food groups on a daily basis. By doing that we ensure that we get most of the nutrition and substances needed for healthy and energy full life. As you can imagine if you replace all your regular meals with protein shakes then you will consume lots of different proteins and some other nutritions which you will get from substances added to the protein shake. You may imagine that this type of diet is quite unbalanced concerning nutritions. I would only skip my regular healthy meal and drink protein shakes instead for maximum once a day for a short period of time. This goes for all meal replacement drinks. Of course if you are healthy and you have no major health problem then you can experiment replacing some meals with protein drinks. Always follow your instincts and listen to your body. If you feel ill, tired, nauseated or not well then get a proper meal instead of protein shake. I am quite sure that drinking protein shake as a meal replacement for a shorter period of time will not result with permanent health failure. But to be absolutely sure consult your doctor before choosing for this extreme diet type.

What about protein shake meal replacement diet?

Some of our readers have asked us about replacing meals with protein shakes to lose weight. Well the rule is that to lose weight you must consume less calories than your body burns for amount of time. So if you replace your regular meals with protein shakes you will consume less calories as protein shakes won't give you as much calories as regular food does. So it is true that replacing meals with protein shakes can lead to weight loss. Still this kind of diet is a really extreme one as you only consume nutritions form your protein shake and not from different foods you would normally consume. So you will restrict your body some important nutrients. I would not recommend this sort of diet for weight loss. In my opinion it is better to restrict the amount of calories you consume and enlarge the physical activities in order to burn more calories and stay healthy. More about protein shakes and diet.

Special meal replacement shake diet

There is one alternative approach to weight loss by replacing meals with fresh vegetable juice. There are examples of people who have only drank fresh vegetable or fruit or the mix of both for a three months or longer period for loosing weight. They did not suffer any medical symptoms during the diet and afterwards. This method is called juicing and there are lots of materials published lately on the topic. Browse a list of books about juicing. I belive that you should better replace your meals with healthy organic fresh juices than some protein shakes as for sure juice will give you far more healthy nutritions needed for healthy life.

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