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Natural foods that are high in protein

If you have read some of my articles about protein powders and shakes then you may already know that I recommend to get your proteins from natural sources. That means that most if not all the proteins needed for your body should come from foods that are high in proteins. But what foods have protein? In this article I will give some advice on protein rich foods.

What foods have protein in it?

Here is a table of common foods that are high in protein.

Food Proteins in 100g
Lean beef36g
Nuts and seeds33g
Turkey meat30g
Chicken meat29g
Yoghurt, milk6g

The above list of protein foods contains most of the common good protein foods. You should eat these foods regularly while exercising in order to gain muscle mass. To get most of the high protein foods you should eat them as less processed as possible. Remember that highly processed foods will lose some or most of the beneficial nutritions. So you should make your meals yourself from raw and organic goods. Only then you can be sure that you get most of the good nutritions from your meal. Foods high in protein does not cost much compared to other foods so the price will not be a problem for you also.

Highest natural protein foods on earth

This is a table of foods containing most protein found on earth.

Food Proteins in 100g
Parmesan cheese42g
Dry Roasted Soy Beans40g
Lean Veal and Beef37g
Lamb meat36g

The best proterty of these foods are their naturality. I think that our bodies can get all the nutritions from natural foods easily compared to artificial food supplements which are not one hundered percent sure to provide human body the same nutritional value. In my opinion we also increase our body's overall health by eating foods from natural and organic sources.

Spirulina is a sort of algea which is the richest of protein compared to other foods. It is considered to be one of the so called superfoods. Superfood is a term for describing foods with great health benefits.Purchase spirulina with great price from here.

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