Protein shakes

Goliath protein – what is it?


Goliath protein is a protein powder for people who need to gain mass fast. It is quite low on fat consisting 18 grams of fat and only 9 grams of it is saturated fat. This protein is based on colostrum which is a milk/whey protein processed in a special way. The manufacturer of Goliath protein powder says that it is proven to be increasing lean muscle mass while lowering the process of body fat accumulation. It is ideal for athletes who need to build muscle fast but cannot allow gaining much weight.

My own observations

I have used Goliath labs protein powders for a period of time. I personally didn't see any greater effect on muscle growth compared to other manufacturers makes. I still believe that the powder is worth the money spent and are not worse compared to other powders.


Goliath protein suggested usage

Take 4 spoonfuls of powder and mix it with up to 18 ounces of pure water, milk or whatever juice you like. If you are interested in adding some spice to your shake then read our article about protein smoothie recipes. Take it 1 to 3 times a day depending on your personal goals and needs. Protein powder mixes easily with liquids. This shake is considered to be tasting splendid by most of the users. Have a good luck with reaching your goals for body mass building. Goliath Labs.Com Isoloid Whey Protein Isolate, Vicious Vanilla, 3-Pound Bottle on amazon.

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