Protein shakes

Are protein shakes really safe and what is the healthiest protein powder on the market

These days many people are administering additional nutrients like protein powders daily in order to get in shape or bulk up quickly. Manufactures and advertisers are saying that protein shakes can help you boost fitness whether you are a teenager, an athlete or a professional body builder. Many people are following the advertisements and therefor drinking shakes made of protein powder regularly. But is it really so safe to drink protein shakes? This article intends to answer that question as accurately as possible.

Are protein powders and shakes safe?

The producers of protein powders are saying that their products are completely safe and will cause no health risk at all if consumed according their consuming guide. Though there have been new studies on the topic and it has been revealed that it is not one hundred percent safe. The studies show out that consuming protein shakes for a long period of time may cause you some problems. Researchers found out that some protein powders contained any toxic heavy metals like cadmium, lead or arsenic. The threat is most present when taking in more than recommended daily norm is. The most common symptoms would be digestive problems, dehydration in some cases and kidney failure. Some researchers say that too much protein can increase the risk for osteoporosis. Although manufacturers of protein shakes do not want to admit it, there is a potential risk to your health when taking in protein powders. Especially for them who take in more than it is recommended. My personal opinion is that you should drink protein shakes only if you really know what you are doing or if you are an athlete. For an athlete it can be difficult to eat enough proteins from the regular diet as he exercises a lot and therefor needs more nutrients. For regular people like you and me I suggest to eat protein rich diet instead of consuming protein powders. It is sure that you will get enough proteins from meat, eggs, cheese etc. And what's most important your body will absorb the proteins from regular food more efficiently compared to powdered form of proteins.

Are there healthy protein shakes on the market?

To be honest there are only a few records about serious health problems that are allegedly caused by consuming protein powder. The thing is it's quite complicated to make sure what is the main reason behind a health problem. Sometimes it may be a consumed substance yet you can't really say which particular one causes it. I personally do not consider protein powders less healthier considered to high processed foods the western world consumes. Of course there are arguments against highly processed foods too, but this will be the decision of your own. So which protein powder is healthy. Prefer natural and organic powders. The advantages are To purchase organic protein powder here is a list to choose from. You can make a healthy protein shake of these for sure. For some extra boost up add some fresh berries to your shake.

Conclusion on protein shakes safety

In my opinion you should try to get as much protein from traditional sources like chicken breasts, milk, cheese or eggs. If you have no time to eat properly or you want to take in protein right before or after a workout then you could choose for protein shakes. But remember that you should not take more than recommended which is one gram of protein per pound of body mass. Date: 06.15.2010 15:25:36 Categories: health, protein shakes, nutritions, workout, protein Tags: protein, nutrition, shake, health, muscle, weight loss, body, traditional protein, health risks, athlete, protein rich food