Protein shakes

Any use of protein shakes for breakfast?

Seems like many people are searching for a miracle cure for building muscle fast or loosing weight fast using protein shakes.

There are no miracle protein shake recipes for breakfast

As you can recall miracles seems to only happen rarely and to other people. The same also applies for loosing weight or building muscle. There is not some special miracle recipe for that. You must be consistent and follow some known rules in order to have success with losing weight or build muscle. And remember that if it comes fast and easy then it will go also fast. Of course there are some exceptions or miracles if you prefer but I already talked about miracles before. So there is no miracle breakfast protein shake recipe. If you are interested in healthy and good tasting protein smoothie recipes then click here to read about the topic.

I stated that there are no perfect protein shake recipes for breakfast. But what should you eat for breakfast then? In my honest opinion the breakfast should be the most important meal of the day as the body is just waking up and needs fuel for the rest of the day. I recommend to eat high energy and especially protein rich foods if you intend to build muscle mass. Avoid sugars as sugars will boost your energy for a short period of time and then you feel tired again shortly. Better fuel for long lasting energy is fat. But remember that fat comes from different sources and not all fats are healthy at all. Fresh, baked bacon for a first meal of the day with a fried egg is a good source of energy and nutrients for a person who wants to gain muscle mass. It gives you enough energy to live until the next meal, and provides a lot of proteins too. If you still feel that there is not enough proteins in your diet then choose some protein shake and drink it along the breakfast. By doing that you will ensure the level of available proteins in your body is high enough for building muscle throughout the day.

A list of great protein shakes can be found here. Feel free to ask us if something still remains unclear to you. All the best building your muscles.

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