Protein shakes

About protein powder: types, brands, side effects, flavors and best ones to choose from

To put it in simple words protein powder is a powdered form of protein. You probably know that protein is a dietary supplement which is responsible for building the muscle tissue and is a main building block of the whole body. Protein powders are usually used by bodybuilders, athletes and usual people like you and me interested in lean muscular body, who need extra protein in order to increase muscle growth and to help repair muscles after a hard workout. These days protein powder is widely taken in by individuals who want to have nice bulked up body. Protein powder is usually taken in liquid form mixed with water, milk or juice called protein shakes, protein milk or protein milkshake.

Main ingredients on best known powders

Of course the main ingredient of protein powder is protein or amino acids which protein consist of. But the source of protein can vary noticeably.  The main sources of proteins are:

Known protein powder side effects

Most of the people who consume additional proteins in a form of a powder complain no side effects at all. Some say that on certain days they have extra gasses but nothing else. You must try different brands and find the best powder for your stomach. Of course protein powder contains a lot of calories so if you do not exercise enough you will probably put on some extra pounds. Still if you experience some side effects not mentioned here then you should probably quit taking this kind of powder and maybe consult with experts to make sure your health is not in risk.

Protein Powder Cons

Some experts say that protein powders are not the best option for most of the users. It is so because most of protein powder users do not need it at all as all the protein needed are absorbed from regular food intake. As stated above protein powder is good for bodybuilders as they have hard workouts during the day and because of that they would have to eat a tremendous amount of regular food to get all the needed protein for desired muscle growth.

Different types of protein powders

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