Protein shakes

A few ideas for healthy protein smoothie recipes

Most of the protein shakes made of protein powders taste quite bland. A great and healthy way to add some spice to your daily shake it to make protein smoothies instead of regular protein milkshake. What's most important you not only add great taste to your shake but also add vitamins and minerals when you go by our healthy protein smoothies recipes. All our recipes consist some fresh berries or fruits. We believe that you must get as much as possible vitamins, minerals and fibers from fresh food. Search the internet why you should avoid genetically modified and highly processed foods. I am sure you will find a ton of material on the topic.

How to make a protein smoothie?

You are totally wrong if you believe that making a protein smoothie is time consuming. It really isn't. You only need a couple of extra minutes considering making usual protein shakes. Feel free to combine different powders, juices, fruits, milks and other indrigients. People are different and tastes are different. Experiment with ingredients and find out the tastiest protein smoothie for you. If possible substitute sugar or other artificial sugar replacements with natural and organic ones. Best natural replacements in my opinion are honey and stevia. Still remember that you should probably not consume too much either of these two as they are quite calorie rich. All you need for a healthy protein smoothie is a blender, protein powder some liquid like water, milk or juice and other ingredients to taste it up. Put all ingredients in blender and blend it till everything is incorporated. It should not take more than half a minute.

A list of my special protein shakes recipes

As you can see from my special protein shake recipes just let your imagination do the job. Go wild and experiment with all kinds of different components and tastes. Everyone is different so only you can make up a one hundred percent favorite protein smoothie recipe. Don't be afraid. Everybody can do it. Why not start exploring today and find best tasting protein smoothie just after few hours? You are the only obsticle on that way. If you change your thinking then it is possible. Otherwise it can be best solution for you to buy pre made shakes from shop. If you do not have a blender yet then click here to see a list of superb blenders with best prices. Also if your want to try out some pre-made smoothies then click here for a list of shakes with great prices.

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