Protein shakes

Generally About Protein Shakes

Let's start explaining what protein shake (sometimes called as milk protein or protein milkshake) is. Below is the list of questions that this article will give answers to.
  1. What are the main ingredients?
  2. For what are protein shakes good for?
  3. Who should consume protein shakes and who not?
  4. Is there any health risk involved?
  5. Where to buy them?

What is protein?

Proteins are nutritions for our body. Most of the human body tissue contains proteins. Proteins could be used also as a fuel for the body in case when not enough lipid resources or carbohydrates are available as an energy source. Proteins are made of amino acids which can be found in animal sources. Meat, milk, eggs and fish are foremost source of amino acids. There are some plant sources for proteins also like sunflower seeds, lentil, nuts, different beans and peas. Protein plays the main role of building and repairing muscle tissue. This is the main reason why protein supplements are widely used among athletes who need strong and healthy muscles to perform well or for bodybuilders who need to gain muscle mass to be successful as an athlete.

What are the main ingredients of protein drinks

As you could guess the main ingredient is of course protein. The amount of protein in the shake depends of the protein shake type. Some of them contain 100% protein but usually there are fats and carbohydrates added to the powder mix. Still there are some shakes out there that have other ingredients more that the protein itself. Protein shakes may also contain flavoring ingredients. The typical shake is sold in the form of powder which can be mixed with water or milk to make the actual shake. Juice is another option to make as shake from protein powder. Also there are ready to drink shakes packed in cans or foil packs. Special flavor additives are sold to make the shake flavor more attractive to drink.

Benefits of protein during and after the exercising

Protein additives are mainly used by athletes who need to consume more protein before and especially after hard workouts. Protein is the main building block for your body (muscles, bones, skin, etc.). So in order to build your muscles you need to have protein in your diet. As you should eat a lot of meat or eggs or fish or other natural sources to get enough proteins it is easier and much more comfortable to drink protein shakes before, during or after a workout. Another benefit of protein after bodybuilding session is the repairing effect. Your muscles will be repaired faster if your body has enough protein after the damage that muscles are suffering from.

Health risks that may occur

There are some case studies saying that protein can be harmful to your kidneys. This can be true if the patient diet consist too much  protein. Also the known fact is that taking in too much protein could make you fat. It is because body stores extra protein that is not needed as fats. So you should not take in more than recommended daily allowance to keep healthy. Also some studies claim that it is not scientifically proved that synthetic proteins has the same beneficial effects of muscle building. Still most of bodybuilders use artificial sources along with natural ones and say that the help of synthetic proteins is noticeable. For you own safety think twice before starting to use protein powder daily. Consulting with a specialist or your doctor will never harm.

Ideas for what to add to your shake to make it taste better

Actually you don't need the best tasting protein powder to make an awesome shake out of it. Experiment with different additives. You can be surprised how fresh berries can change the taste radically better. Also berries contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants which are very good for your health and help to improve your body's overall performance. Vanilla extract is considered to be one of the most favorable ingredients. Canned pumpkin adds a fiber and smoothens the consistency of the shake. Whatever you add to the shake prefer fresh or frozen ingredients as then you can get the most nutritions out of it. And remember that homemade protein shakes are always by far the best ones to drink.

Where to buy

You can find protein shakes in usual supermarkets. Although I would recommend to buy all the extra nutritions from specialized vendors. Of course you can order them online from e-shops. You can find best offers here. But remember to consult with experts and don't hesitate to ask for advice.

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